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What is Occupational Health or Occupational Health and Safety at Work?

Occupational Health is about keeping people well at work both physically and mentally. We assess and provide impartial and professional advice on any absenteeism and support your employees to get back to work or remain in work and prevent sickness absence.

Managing risks in the workplace that are likely to cause work-related ill health and sickness absence. Occupational health can help save businesses money, improve the health and wellbeing of your staff and increase productivity

Absence Management/Management Referrals

Occupational Health early intervention will help to:
– Enable employees to remain in work or return to work sooner
– Cost reduction on absence
– Reduce levels of absence
– Drive up productivity and reduce disruptions
– Improve employee engagement and motivation and making them feel more valued.


Pre-Placement Screening

Through online questionnaires, TVB will evaluate the employee’s physical and mental capability to undertake their new role and a fitness to work report/certificate will be issued on completion of the assessment.



Through our team of highly qualified Occupational Health Advisors (OHA)

  • We can provide early advice and guidance to further treatment and support for a quick return.
  • Signposting to other specialist services such as physiotherapy, counselling and psychological services


Risk Assessments

Through a professional occupational health risk assessment, advice is given to help manage/prevent workplace ill health by:

  • Identifying any hazards and the employees at risk.
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Identifying and prioritising appropriate interventions and controls


Health Promotion and Wellbeing (making every contact count)

  • Promoting healthy behaviours and create a positive and healthy working environment.
  • Increase physical activity
  • Promote healthy eating
  • Lifestyle modifying ie smoking, alcohol and substance misuse
  • Improve general health and psychological wellbeing


When to refer to occupational health?

– When an employee is struggling with their physical or mental health.
– Advice on making the right reasonable adjustments for disabled people at work.
– When an employee has been off sick for a long time (28 days or more)
– When an employee is returning to work after sickness absence.
– When an employee has recurrent short spells of absence within 12 months
– The employee requests a referral
– There are indications of factors in the workplace contributing to the sickness absence.
– There are concerns that an employee’s health may lead to sickness absence (preventative advice)